Aircraft Type

Super Light Jet


Learjet 75 is a popular business jet manufactured by Bombardier since the mid-1970s. This luxury private aircraft has a sleek, modern design and offers an incredibly smooth flight experience due to its superior aerodynamics and more than enough power from two turbofan engines. Maximum speed of Learjet 75 is up to 617 mph, with a maximum take-off weight of 18,600 lbs and range of 1,800 nautical miles. The cabin space can sleep up to seven passengers comfortably, with additional cargo capacity and interior customization options available. Learjet 75 provides advanced technology and connectivity so business travelers can stay productive on board in comfort, making it a great choice for air charters around the world.



Fuel Burn Rate

199 gph

Cruise Speed

535.001 mph


2347.5404 mi

Takeoff Distance

4000 ft

Landing Distance

2660 ft

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